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Really Really Fresh Coffee

Raymond Lay, 44, Coffee Roaster and Owner of Really Really Fresh Coffee

I was seven when I had my first cup of coffee prepared by my late grandmother. She brewed a big pot every morning for the family and it was the most delicious cup of Kopi-O (black coffee) I ever had. I wished I had her brewing recipe! I was probably spoilt by my grandmother as her coffee was so delicious.

As I grew up, drinking instant coffee became a norm but I never really enjoyed it. I couldn’t understand why the coffee tasted so different from the one my grandmother used to make. In the past, I mistakenly assumed that strong coffee must be bitter and proceeded to torture my taste buds for years, sometimes adding more sugar to counter the bitterness.

These days, I am fortunate to be able to roast coffee from around the world and am happy to share that good coffee doesn’t have to be bitter.

I believe that coffee should be prepared with beans roasted within 24 hours or no more than 72 hours from the time of roasting.

Foreword Coffee

Lim Wei Jie, Co-founder of Foreword Coffee

Before I went on a student exchange programme in Amsterdam last year, I enjoyed iced lattes because of the hot weather here. Facing the cold in Europe, I learnt to appreciate hot coffee.

I don’t have any rules when it comes to drinking coffee but I would recommend allowing handbrewed coffee to cool down a bit before drinking. I once scalded my tongue sipping freshly brewed coffee which spoilt my experience then! To me, a good coffee is palatable down to its last drop, even when the coffee has cooled down.

Foreword Coffee is about making good handbrewed coffee available to people. The general public may think coffee drinking is becoming pretentious. We want to make every coffee experience casual and meaningful for our customers. We use freshly roasted beans that are no more than 72 hours from the time of roasting.

We will be launching our first cafe in August, so look out for more details on our Facebook page.