• 1DegreeC

    1degreeC’s (1℃ ) philosophy is to produce healthier-choice coffee and tea with no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. We look to create new flavours with health benefits. Two of our unique 1℃ Cold Brew Coffees are the Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee and Masala Cold Brew Coffee.

  • Abbie’s Coffeehouse

    Abbie’s Coffeehouse focuses on creating unique and tasty beverages and desserts with natural and health-beneficial ingredients. Our café menu spans specialty coffee and teas as well as drinks such as Matcha Latte, Hot Chocolate & Honey Cinnamon Latte. Our mission is to make artisanal drinks easily available to anyone, anywhere at any time!
  • Amazing Grace

    We are a healthy snacks company that specialises in guilt-free baked nut mixes, granolas, nut butters, and superfoods. Our products are a combination of high quality raw materials and are free of artificial preservatives, refined sugar, and flavouring. Amazin’ Graze aims to bring to life the flavours of South East Asia through products such as “Salted Gula Melaka Granola” and “Coconut Curry Lime Nut Mix”.
  • Antoinette

    With its take on time-honoured French classic desserts, this quintessential Parisian pâtisserie and salon de thé will sets the benchmark for the pastry and dessert scene not only in Singapore, but also around the region.
  • Arbite

    The name, Arbite, is a pun on the German/Danish word for work (arbeit/arbejde). We chose the name Arbite because we feel that there is an intrinsic honesty to the word “work”. We hope that this honesty is evident in everything that we do, from the décor, the service and especially the food that we serve. The kitchen is helmed by our chef, Marc Wee who firmly belives that good food should not be prohibitively expensive. His mantra is “good quality ingredients, generous portions and fair prices”.

  • Arrow Coffee

    We have a mission to change everyone’s daily coffee routine into a moment of indulgence. Our award-winning Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules have a perfect crema and capture the exquisite flavours of the world’s best plantations. We are committed to providing excellent service, including same day delivery.

  • Aurora

    Aurora works with Taiwanese aboriginal villagers to produce and sell organic agricultural produce, including coffee and tea – such as the ever-popular Alishan. They also train farmers, provide price guarantees and assist them in micro-financing, turning them into business owners with better lives and livelihoods.
  • Beans to Bars

    Beans to Bars is a small local business specialising in the distribution and direct sale of artisan, award-winning, and organic chocolates in Singapore. It works closely, directly, and exclusively with small-batch chocolate makers from Australia, Europe, Indonesia, and USA. Its chocolates are sold in Dean & Deluca, Naiise, Isetan, and Redmart, among others. Beans To Bars’ chocolates have won awards such as the Academy of Chocolate 2015 Gold, Great Taste 2015, Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015 Gold, and International Chocolate Awards Gold & Silver 2016.

  • Bettr Baristas

    Make your next cuppa a Bettr one. Enjoy our signature blends and single origins, including Pana Geisha - sustainably sourced and artfully hand roasted by The Bettr Coffee Co. Don't miss the launch of our single drip coffees and Nespressso-compatible capsules, along with other Coffee Fest exclusives! Every purchase from us directly supports our social initiatives across the coffee community.
  • Boba Brew

    Boba Brew started with a conversation outside a boba store in San Francisco. Realising that boba in the US was healthier and tastier than in Singapore, we started our journey to make a change by brewing up healthy recipes for tasty drinks. Each drink we make has love and effort poured into it!
  • Bodum

    The appreciation of Slow Coffee has never been greater than it is today. In fact, it is the heart and soul of everything we’ve been doing since the 1950s, where my father – Peter Bodum – introduced our first vacuum coffee maker. And here on the brink of 2017, we’re excited to introduce e-PEBO: a fully automatic vacuum/siphon coffee maker that brings out the best in your preferred coffee beans.” - Jørgen Bodum, CEO, BODUM® Inc.

    BODUM®’s passion for good coffee is shared by coffee lovers across the world under the slogan: Make Taste, Not Waste. No paper filters. No capsules. Nothing disposable.

    Come and check out our range of beautifully designed coffee machines, coffee grinder, water kettle and more at Booth E10. Drop by our booth for a cup of coffee on us, made by BODUM® coffee makers!

  • Boncafé

    Reinvent and Rejuvenate with Boncafé! Experience the latest coffee trend with the Black Tonic, a Nitro Cold Brew to stimulate your palate. To rejuvenate your senses and get a taste of healthy goodness, try the Coldpress Juices, available in 11 delicious flavours. As the pioneer European-style gourmet coffee roaster in Southeast Asia, and guided by the Swiss tradition of precision and pursuit of perfection, Boncafé prides itself on its quality products and services.

  • BoxGreen

    BoxGreen is all about nutritious snacking, so we think it’s best to keep your box close to hand. That way you can beat those 3pm junk food cravings with a perfect portion of something taste good without the guilt. With over 50 mouthwatering options to choose from, we offer something sure to please and excite everyone!
  • Boyle’s Coffee

    Boyle’s Dutch Coffee is a top-class cold water drip coffee brand, unveiled after two years of intensive R&D by UTB Coffee. Cold-drip coffee has a smooth, deep balanced flavour, which is drawn out by unique technology. It contains relatively less caffeine and can be stored for long hours.

  • Brawns & Brains Coffee

    Brawn & Brains focuses on making good coffee accessible and easy to appreciate. Our signature item is our in-house roasted coffee beans, with two options of origins. We are excited to showcase our delicious filtered coffee by pairing it up with famous Taiwanese pineapple cake maker SunnyHills!

  • Butterknife Folk

    Our job is to make people happy. We handcraft our gelato and sorbets in small batches. When a tub runs out, you never know what flavour comes next. We offer a diverse range of flavours, from classics to extreme and edgy creations. The only thing you can be sure of is the same amazing quality in every scoop.

  • Caffe Vergnano 1882

    An ancient Piedmont coffee-maker and one of Italy’s most prestigious beverage manufacturers, Caffè Vergnano 1882 represents true Italian coffee culture. The 1882 Espresso blend is available only at Caffè Vergnano coffee shops around the world. We also offer a wide range of delicious and satisfying espresso-based drinks.

  • Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar

    As the flagship store of Papa Palheta Specialty Coffee, Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar is a one-stop location featuring a roastery, cafe, retail store and coffee school. At Papa Palheta, we seek to build, educate and enrich a community that loves drinking coffee and to showcase a lifestyle that spans across a spectrum of activity, design and functionality. We believe every coffee has its story so we always aim to source our coffee with transparency, traceability and quality.

  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break is the fastest growing mobile app that allows you to enjoy coffee at independent cafes without hurting your wallet! Whether you are a caffeine junkie or fancy the occasional cuppa, Coffee Break has just the plan for you.
  • Common Man Coffee Roasters

    Come and check out our UNCOMMON lineup of micro-lots and high-scoring beans, on an espresso and brew bar stacked with the latest coffee making gear - including Synesso’s MVP technology, Marco’s SP9 auto-brewers and high-tech grinders and batch brewers. We'll also be showcasing our range of CMCR wholesale products and services, our selection of espresso machines, grinders and brewers, and our CMCR Academy training programmes, among others.

  • Compound Coffee Co.

    Compound Coffee Co. offers a first-of-its-kind Rent-a-Roaster service to coffee enthusiasts wanting to try their hand at roasting coffee. Drop by our booth for a live roasting demo! You can expect smooth and great-tasting coffee from us - a local coffee roastery that aims to brighten everyone’s lives through amazing coffee.

  • Cores

    Cores provides filters designed in Japan and double plated with pure 24K gold, which is hard to oxidise and so does not affect the taste of the coffee being extracted. Everyone can brew good coffee with Cores filters, with no special brewing skills required. Lightweight and durable, the newly launched C210 Single Cup Gold Filter can easily be brought outdoors, to the office or for travelling.
  • Cream Muffin by Hattendo

    Originating in Hattendo Singapore, the “Cream Cream” brand was born with the concept of “enjoying delicious cream near you”. The cream is handmade and is absolutely irresistible. Our main product is the “Cream Muffin”, which offers a crispy biscuit crust and a light custard filling.

    Introducing “Cream Muffin”, the main product under the “Cream Cream” brand. With a crispy biscuit crust and a light custard filling, enjoy a whole new definition of sweets.

  • Curious Palette

    Curious Palette opened in 2015 and prides itself in its award-winning specialty coffee. It is co-founded by Ryan Kieran Tan, the World Siphon Coffee Champion 2015, ASEAN Barista Champion 2013, 3-time Singapore National Barista Champion, and 3-time Singapore Latte Art Champion.
  • Dapper Coffee

    With a passion for coffee and a love for good, wholesome food, Dapper Coffee is pretty crazy about exploring flavours. The Dapper Crew is bringing seriously yummy Dapperccinos (think frappuccinos, but better), some legit nomz, all-time favourite sparkly drankz and the booze. Yep - we’ve got you covered!

  • Don Pie

    A little known story goes that one taste of Don’s irresistible pies was all it took to convince a bank officer to extend a loan for Don to start his first shop in 2000. The smell of Don’s piping hot pies - with only the freshest ingredients - continues to waft across the CBD from its flagship in One Raffles Place.

  • Epigram Books

    Epigram Books is a Singapore-based independent publisher of well-designed and thought-provoking titles. A champion of Singapore literature, the company currently publishes between 50 and 60 titles a year, across all manner of fiction—novels, short stories, plays, graphic novels, chapter books, picture books and some poetry.
  • Foreword Coffee

    Foreword Coffee, powered by Really Really Fresh Coffee, brings you a just-roasted coffee experience. We believe that coffee tastes best when freshest - and we invite you to feel the difference with our coffee, brewed with beans roasted on a same day principle. We look Foreword to seeing you!

  • Foxhole Cafe

    The Pourover Bar boasts a comprehensive selection of single-origin Ninety Plus specialty coffee beans that have been championed by roasters, retailers and baristas globally. We have partnered with Foxhole Cafe to provide piping hot comfort food including fresh artisan croissants, pastries and cakes.

  • Froth

    Froth’s original creation, the Taro Waffle, made waves when it was launched in late 2014. Featuring a Taro-flavoured waffle with real yam bits within, it is served piping hot with a scoop of fragrant Earl Grey ice cream, complete with a drizzle of homemade taro sauce.

  • Garçons

    Garçons was started in July 2015 to serve fine European food at affordable prices. Garçons is also a social enterprise which trains at-risk youths and ex-offenders, empowering them with the essential skills and knowledge in culinary arts so they can find jobs in the open market and break away from their old ways.

  • Gosnells Mead

    Poised to become the next craft obsession, Gosnells Mead is made by hand with just 3 ingredients - citrus blossom honey, water and yeast. Try our special edition Singapore Coffee Festival x Gosnells Mead, made with a Kenyan Gathaithi espresso blend from Old Spike in Peckham Rye. Brewed with a blend of Casade, Wakatu and Pacific Jade hops with a cold extraction, it is reminiscent of a coffee IPA.
  • Grounded Pleasures (Cocoa Dimension)

    Poised to become the next craft obsession, Gosnells Mead is made by hand with just 3 ingredients - citrus blossom honey, water and yeast. Try our special edition Singapore Coffee Festival x Gosnells Mead, made with a Kenyan Gathaithi espresso blend from Old Spike in Peckham Rye. Brewed with a blend of Casade, Wakatu and Pacific Jade hops with a cold extraction, it is reminiscent of a coffee IPA.

  • Groundstar+

    Omotenashi - the Japanese culture of hospitality - is brought to life in our Katana boxes that open as if slashed with a sword. Inside is a Japanese rice candle, a sleeve cover, Japanese wrapping cloth and your choice of exquisite sakes hand-picked by a sake sommelier.
  • Gryphon Tea Company

    Gryphon Tea seeks to produce the highest quality gourmet teas for the discerning drinker. Each tea is crafted with exotic and experimental ingredients to bring out a unique and flavourful pedigree. Every blend is a commitment to quality, in which only the world’s finest tea leaves and herbs are used.
  • Hatter Street Pte Ltd

    Hatter Street’s culinary movement is characterised by comfort food influenced by Asia culinary traditions melded with the implementation of avant-garde techniques. Our desire is for each customer to leave Hatter Street with a distinct flavour and body of taste which would be ingrained in his or her memory.
  • Healsi

    After 10 years of researching the purest spring waters in the pristine Portuguese landscape, a family of doctors found a water with unique characteristics. Healsi flows from a fresh Portuguese water spring and contains a high concentration of silica and neutral pH, allowing you to preserve your health and beauty.

  • HIC Juice

    Known for our range of premium cold pressed juices, HIC is excited to share our latest range of superfood offerings that not only delight your taste buds but also give your body that well-deserved nutrient boost. We are featuring an exclusive range of insta-worthy Superfood Nutmilk Frappes, available only at the Singapore Coffee Festival. Our resident Nutritionist-Mixologist is onsite to customise a Bespoke Elixir, a smoothie-based concoction of superfoods and all-natural ingredients, tailored to your specific health needs. Acai fans will be pleased to know that we are serving up our popular acai bowls from The Café by HIC.

  • Hook Coffee

    Hook Coffee is a home-grown coffee company that offers a flexible subscription service where freshly roasted coffees are delivered to customers at regular intervals. Hook has been on a mission to make freshly roasted specialty coffee easily accessible to everyone, and to make coffee better (#makecoffeebetter) for our farmers and our customers. We will be working with Breville SG at our booth to showcase some of their excellent machines – allowing for a hands on experience with Breville’s range of Espresso Machines such as the Dual Boiler and Oracle machine.
  • HSCoffeeBeen

    As a pioneer in the coffee trade and with decades of experience, we have expertise in identifying good coffee. We supply only the best coffee beans to customers, wholesalers, cafe operators and home coffee lovers.
  • Huggs Coffee

    Founded in 2008, Huggs offers a delectable range of gourmet coffees, specialty coffees and teas, hot chocolate, beverages, juices, imported French and Italian patisserie, gourmet sandwiches and savouries such as pies and puffs, pizzas and wraps.

  • Human Nature Singapore

    We believe that everyone should have access to safe and genuine natural products at the most affordable prices. We are driven by our love for our families, the poor, and the environment as we provide personal care products - such as our 100% Natural Coffee Body Scrub - that feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart.
  • Hyde & Co

    Famous for our innovative twists on local fare, local café Hyde & Co. is back for the second time at the Singapore Coffee Festival with our signature Chilli Crab Pasta and Pulled Beef Mantou. Making their debut are our latest creations Laksa Hae Bee Hiam Pasta and Mentaiko Crawfish Carbonara.
  • IncaFé

    Peak Fresh introduces IncaFé coffee, one of New Zealand’s most awarded coffee roasters. IncaFé uses only certified organic Faitrtrade coffee and is carbon-neutral certified. Most of our coffee is directly sourced from Peru and we will be presenting our unique and sought-after Peruvian Geisha coffee.

  • Jewel Coffee

    Our selection of uniquely roasted single-origin espressos that rotate daily provide an interesting contrast to your run-of- the-mill house blends of yore. We believe in offering choices for different tastes and that is why we provide two different single-origin espressos each day. We pride ourselves on our strict adherence to providing the most quality beans from all the best coffee regions. Whether it be a velvety flat white or an expertly hand-crafted Chemex, we deliver the most satisfying cup of coffee you can find, no matter the time of day.

  • Jubilee Coffee House & Bar

    Take a walk down memory lane as Jubilee Coffee House & Bar brings the past to the present. old. While reminiscing the past, you will surely be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of the most popular local delights and western classics.
  • Krakakoa

    Krakakoa is an award-winning, “farmer-to-bar” chocolate maker that believes empowering farmers and creating great products go hand in hand. Indulge in the unique flavours and seductive aromas of Indonesia with our organically grown, farmer-to-bar cocoa products, made with passion and purpose.
  • Lorgan & Sons Coffee Company

    Lorgan And Sons Coffee Company started with a focus on making good cold brew coffees. We are selling our signature cold brew bottled coffees and are also introducing a selection of 12 light to dark roast speciality coffee beans sourced from around the world and roasted in Australia.

  • Made Cold

    MadeCold is offering a new ready-to-drink coffee beverage served either “still” or with “nitro”. We will be showcasing our beverages using a kegerator, similar to that of beer, as well as in bottles. This will demonstrate a new way to enjoy coffee!
  • Medano

    Medano Coffee sells premium 100% Arabica coffee beans, as well as Nespresso-compatible capsules freshly made from the same high-quality beans. We promise that every cup of Medano Coffee will be flavourful, unique and great-tasting. Try out delicious espressos, lattes or cold brew coffee at our booth, and bring home the coffee beans/pods used to make the coffee that you enjoyed!
  • Momolato

    Momolato curates artisanal hand-crafted gelato ice cream, soft serve ice cream and designer popsicles. Try our ice cream flavours like Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Yuzu Lemon Sorbet, Sicilian Pistachio, Coconut Gula Melaka and Sea Salt Hokkaido Milk, and our cool popsicles in Red Watermelon Sorbet, Hokkaido Milk Strawberries and more.

  • Ninja Bowl

    Enjoying a good ol’ cuppa? Don’t forget to also fill up your tummy with some delicious Japanese-inspired fare from Ninja Bowl. Our ‘Ninja’ warriors can expect to satiate their hunger pangs with mouth-watering grain bowls and a delectable spread of unique brunch items that will tantalise their tastebuds.
  • Ollella

    We specialise in making little bundles of airy crisp choux pastries filled with luscious cream layered by different flavors and textures, as well as carefully crafted kue lapis. Every choux and every single kue layer is made with carefully selected ingredients to give you the most satisfying bite of your day.
  • Oriole Coffee + Bar

    Chill out with our signature Death Cream – an extravagant concoction crafted based on a secret recipe from the 80s – or velvety Haute Chocolate made using the best, single-origin Valrhona chocolate. Satisfy your hunger with savory sandwiches like our American Reuben and Cuban Braised Pork, and indulge in an assortment of desserts ranging from mini Nutella tarts, Pistachio teacakes to Chocolate Choux pastries filled with coffee cream. There’s always great food for everyone!

  • Park Bench Deli

    At Park Bench Deli, constant innovation is key to taking our sandwiches to the next level. The team regularly takes apart recipes to rethink and improve the grub we love. Park Bench Deli’s food is meant to be fun and flavourful, the kind of things chefs and cooks crave when they look for good grub after a long day.

  • Percolate Coffee

    The meaning and philosophy behind Percolate, other than being literally the act of coffee brewing, is that we see ourselves as curators of exceptional coffees and other fine artisanal goods. In our humble space, we present this essence of our curation and warm customer service to our audience.

  • Perk Coffee

    Perk Coffee is an innovative roast-on-demand coffee delivery service, which means you get to experience coffee at its best, just days from roasting, when it’s at the peak of its flavour, aroma and vitality. We are selling sampler packs of our most popular blends and single origins - come check them out!
  • Prana Chai

    Prana Chai is all-natural and truly made from Only The Good Stuff. Whole spices are gently cracked open with mortar and pestle, lightly toasted and blended with 100% black ceylon tea and freshly diced ginger then coated with organic honey. No machines, strange ingredients, artificial preservatives, syrups or powders.
  • Pulse Patisserie

    After the successful launch of our dessert capsules last year, Pulse Patisserie will be unveiling the new flavors of dessert capsules at this coffee convention. We are offering a selection of Semifreddo and frozen soufflés with wild flavor combinations that will excite the palettes of festival goers.

  • Really Really Fresh Coffee

    Foreword Coffee, powered by Really Really Fresh Coffee, brings you a just-roasted coffee experience. We believe that coffee tastes best when freshest - and we invite you to feel the difference with our coffee, brewed with beans roasted on a same day principle. We look Foreword to seeing you!

  • Roasted in Japan x Seed Coffee

    “ROASTED IN JAPAN’ is a project introducing independent and high-quality coffee roasters in Japan as selected by the largest Japanese coffee media, GOOD COFFEE, to the world. The roasters’ passion towards coffee are the accumulation of their solid and sustained efforts and fulfilled with enthusiasm, from the selection of green beans and roasting to brewing in order to serve customers to enjoy the best cups of coffee.
  • Sip

    Sip is a community for people who are always on the look out for a good coffee spot to get their regular coffee fix. As part of our community, we reward our members with discounted prices to encourage more people to become caffeine addicts! Sip also acts as a guide to uncover the many cafe gems in this city.
  • Spa Esprit Group

    Spa Esprit Group (SEG) in partnership with Edible Garden City (EGC), a team of urban farmers who champion the farming movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore bring you the Farm To Beauty label of beauty products and teas, handcrafted in small batches and ready to nourish you.
  • Stella M

    Stellar M believes that behind the relentless pursuit of brewing consistent great cups of coffee, are beautiful, reliable and well-made coffee machines. We pride ourselves as proud Singapore distributors of equipment brands like Synesso, Rocket Espresso, Marco Beverage Systems, Mazzer, Baratza, Mahlkonig, Wilfa, Bonavita, Cafetto and ACME Cups. Festival-goers will get to see the revolutionary Baratza Sette range of grinders in action. Its straight-through, vertical grind path has little to no grind retention, improving grind efficiency alongside 3 programmable settings for dosing and 30 equal steps of grind size adjustability.

  • Straits Preserves

    Straits Preserves produces award-winning tropical marmalades inspired by Singapore’s history. Each flavour has a unique story to tell - from a romantic cocktail created in 1915, to the spices traded here that were once worth more than gold, and even the celebration of a garden founded in 1859.

  • Strangers at Work

    Strangers at Work is an offshoot of Strangers’ Reunion, bringing specialty coffee to the CBD since 2012. It is co-founded by Ryan Kieran Tan, the World Siphon Coffee Champion 2015, ASEAN Barista Champion 2013, 3-time Singapore National Barista Champion, and 3-time Singapore Latte Art Champion.
  • Strangers’ Reunion

    Stranger's Reunion will be launching its Coffee Soft Serve at the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017. Also featured will be its popular bottled White Magic, Matcha and Sea Salt Chocolate, espresso-based coffees, and filter and Moccamaster brews. Curious Palette opened in 2015 and prides itself in its award-winning specialty coffee.
  • SWATi

    SWATi means "star" in Hindu and offers unique flower tea products made from edible flowers and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Just soak SWATi flower tea in water, tea or even wine for a few hours, and enjoy a delicious flower drink! You can even eat the fruits and flowers soaked in the drink.
  • Symmetry

    Symmetry returns to the Singapore Coffee Festival to bring you delicious coffee, strong booze, hearty bites and coffee-inspired merchandise designed specially for this festival. Find us at the Sunset Wharf overlooking a stunning view, and come hang out with us over conversations and a drink in hand for the best festival experience!

  • T. Grand

    One of the leading beverage companies in Taiwan, T.Grand was established in 2006. It offers drinks that do not contain preservatives or artificial colouring. Our signature Chia Seed fruit juice drinks come in two flavours: Apple Calamansi Lemon and Pineapple Orange.

  • The Coffee Academics

    The Coffee Academïcs sets the standard in coffee quality. Taking Hong Kong’s coffee culture to new heights and offering an unique sensory playground for coffee aficionados in Singapore and now Shanghai, we offer our guests the latest innovations and technologies that enhance the coffee experience.
  • The Dark Gallery

    The Dark Gallery presents a treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate. Using only the finest grade of cacao from different origins around the world, we carefully compose chocolate, inspiring a rhapsody of desserts. At the Coffee Festival, give yourself a treat and indulge in our luxurious blend of signature chocolate drinks, s’mores, artisanal ice cream or bring home some chocolate bars and pastries to share! The Dark Gallery invites you to discover the dark.
  • The Golden Duck Co.

    Inspired by the national love for food, The Golden Duck Co. was born out of passion for the flavours signature to our little red dot. Each magical pack of crisps has been hand-crafted by experienced hands, under the masterful eye of artisan chefs, resulting in the creation of a fine heritage snack with a contemporary twist.

  • The Novel Encounter

    Books take us to new places. The Novel Encounter offers curated wrapped-up books, beloved by readers worldwide and the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. All titles at $29 – inside each book are surprise retail and F&B vouchers! Also, get calligraphy and typewritten notes done on the spot!

  • The Pourover Bar

    The Pourover Bar is a passion-driven boutique business boasting a comprehensive selection of single origin Ninety Plus specialty coffee beans (with coffee ratings and scores mostly 90 and above) that have been championed by roasters, retailers and baristas in competitions globally. Expect an impressive selection of premium beans, Geshas and Limited Edition Makers Series Coffee that have been nurtured from farm to cup by Award Winning Baristas and specialty coffee experts in the world. Using masterfully 'tried and tested' brewing techniques that shine a spotlight on quality instead of just obscene profit making, each cup of coffee is brewed to enhance the natural flavours and taste profiles of the single origin coffee beans. The Pourover Bar aspires to create a connection to the community through good coffee and raising awareness for good filter brews.

  • The Refinery

    Customise your own Hype Kopi with our range of sexy add-ons like Whisky, Gula Melaka Jelly and 5-Spice Syrup. If you’re too cool for DIY, you can always kick back with our tailored cocktails, which blend our Cold Brew and Auchentoshan Whisky beautifully. This is Kopi, with a modern - and naughty - twist 😉
  • Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

    Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, retailer, born and based in Singapore. We carry the 50 years heritage and legacy of roasting high quality coffee.Apart from succeeding the heritage and legacy, we would also like to source for world's best quality coffees for you.We retail both roasted and raw specialty coffee in micro and macro batches. We are also specialized in custom roasting and creating custom blend for our customers and wholesale partners.

  • Tripod Coffee

    Better, Greener, Coffee Capsules. Tripod Coffee makes Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules which are roasted by artisans in Australia. We are launching our new Green Gatsby organic coffee capsules at the Coffee Festival, which are biodegradable and compostable - a first in Asia.
  • Umeshu Bar

    For the first time in Singapore, the Umeshu Bar brings a pop-up experience where consumers can enjoy a great selection of both plum and fruit liqueurs from Japan. Breweries from Japan with long histories and unrivaled techniques offer the tastiest plum and fruit liqueurs, many of which will be in Singapore for hte first time. Choose your favourite liqueur at the bar and let the bartender mix it to your preference! Festive-goers will also be able to buy their favourite liqueur in stylish mini-bottles - perfect as a gift!
  • VeganBurg

    VeganBurg is the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint serving tasty, high-quality burgers with a fresh attitude. We are bringing to the festival our delicious best-selling burgers, Creamy Shrooms and Cracked Mayo, plus other classics like Old School Hot Dogs, BBQ Franks with Ranch Dressing, and Sizzlin’ Broccoli.