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Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

Ms Pamela Chng, 41, Founder of Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

I have always loved coffee and was very immersed in Melbourne coffee culture when I lived there for a few years. When it comes to drinking coffee, it really depends on my mood. I do need my double cappuccino in the mornings and I have a soft spot for Ethiopian coffee.

In 2010, I travelled to different countries to further my education in all things coffee and started Bettr Barista in 2011 to try to change lives through coffee. At that time, the specialty coffee culture was still in its infancy here. I hope it continues to evolve with more thought towards sustainability and conscious consumption.

I love how diverse the industry is, how passionate the people are, and how there is a constant interplay of craft and science required in the pursuit of coffee excellence from farm to cup.