Marcella Putri, 30, and Ollyvia Putri, 25, originally from Jakarta, are Founders, Co-owners and Chefs of Ollella patisserie and cafe.

Marcella: My fondest childhood memory related to kue is watching our grandmother roll pineapple tarts and kue lapis (traditional spiced layer cake) late into the night, preparing the pastries for Chinese New year. I would beg her to let me help. The smell of her kue being baked was intoxicating.

Our grandmother thinks we are crazy to choose to make and sell kue lapis because it is laborious and not the most profitable. But we think she is secretly proud of us, although she thinks her kue lapis is better. She is impressed with Ollyvia’s choux pastries though.

Ollyvia: I didn’t like baking when I was young. I was that girl who waits for the cake to be baked so I could eat it. But I did contemplate working in an ice cream parlour, because scooping ice creams looked fun.
Now I am combining both my love for choux and ice cream by making ice cream choux. Our choux as a base not only adds a different texture but also makes it great to soak up the ice cream as it melts.

Marcella: I always thought that I would take over my parents’ trading business, and only had the idea of opening a pastry shop when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t think of working with my sister until she went to culinary school, then I secretly planned to convince her to work with me and I succeeded. Our business name is a combination of both our names.