Mr Enoch Teo, 27, Co-Founder and Chef-Owner of Garçons

The first dish I cooked was fried rice and I burnt it because I wasn’t able to control the heat. When I first started working in the kitchen, I was not yet in love with cooking itself. I was more thrilled with the pressure, heat and excitement that the job gave me every day. It was only when I worked at a French restaurant that I started falling in love with cooking, particularly French cuisine. I was amazed by the variety of techniques and ingredients the cuisine could use to come up with a dish.

I am a coffee drinker and my favourite is a speciality long black without sugar, or a local Kopi-O. I love European food and my favourite dish is Angus Steak and Fries which is on our menu at the Singapore Coffee Festival. We will cook the meat over charcoal and the smokey caramelised flavour will go well with a medium black to dark roasted coffee.