Ellen Chen Shaowei

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s lives, some might even say they couldn’t live without it! there are the students who need it when that assignment is due the next day, the working adults who can’t keep their eyes open in the morning, the uncles who sit at the coffee shop having their daily dose; the list goes on and on. So many different lifestyles and stories all linked by one common thing: their love for coffee. As such, my design is inspired by the diversity of the lives surrounding a cup of coffee, presenting different stories through the hands of the coffee lovers, hoping to bring all these unique individuals together over a simple cup of coffee.


By Kenny Lee Wei Ming

When it comes to the artwork on the cup, I used minimal line work to portray the beautiful feeling of togetherness when people consume coffee with their loved ones. The water-colour painting of coffee plants reminds us of coffee’s origins – both physical and emotional; its ability to make one feel warm and cozy on rainy days, while providing an instant recharge of your energy. The replacement of the modern pouring jug with the traditional “Kopitiam” hot jug is a reminder to all to appreciate Singapore’s first wave of coffee brewing method. The touch of humour in the artwork allows everyone to not just appreciate the coffee but the cup they are holding onto.

By Koh Kai Ting

Coffee is a lot more than just a drink. It tells memories and stories of a city. Whether you are a coffee shop regular, a traveller just passing through the city, or an adherent of freshly brewed espresso, a sip of coffee engage you with the story of Singapore’s unique coffee culture. My childhood memory has been fully filled up by coffee. Every Sunday morning, my father will bring me to a local coffee shop. It isn’t a must to purchase something over there but having a simple cup of coffee and a chat with the neighbours. In traditional Kopitiam coffee culture, there is never an inappropriate moment to share a coffee with a stranger.

By Sunny Gurmakh Singh

Coffee seems to be timeless. Whether it’s in the modern times or the good old days. Over the years, many brewing methods have arisen and all wanting to achieve perfection. For my design, I have gone with a fusion of the past and present. I’ve gathered some nostalgic elements of the vintage coffeehouses in Singapore with the iconic shutters and flooring patterns. My design focuses on some of the equipment and brewing methods used ranging from the modern to traditional.