Jewel Coffee

Alex Petresky, 27, Manager and Barista at Jewel Coffee

The third wave coffee culture is booming right now in Singapore and I wanted to be a part of that. I joined Jewel Coffee last July because I saw the rapid expansion of the company and the excitement surrounding specialty coffee in Singapore.

At Jewel Coffee, we serve top-tier coffee with a strong emphasis on consistency and efficiency. Nothing makes me happier at work than when customers or fellow barista get excited and geek out about flavour notes and share why they love the cup they are drinking.

Social interaction is part of the coffee culture in cafes. It is rewarding to chat with customers who are very receptive to trying premium varietal coffee.

I love watching the growing interest in coffee here in Singapore and it is great to be part of a coffee culture where people care about the quality of the coffee they drink, they want the best and they want to learn more.