Park Bench Deli

Mr Aamir Ameer Ghani, 42, Managing Director of Park Bench Deli, originally from Canada

Sandwiches have always been a big part of my life because my parents owned a deli selling sandwiches and baked goods back home in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. I would head there after school and help out on weekends and during the holidays.

After graduation, I pursued a career in computer animation, never thinking I would follow after my parents’ footsteps to go into the F&B business.

You don’t realise how much you are like your parents until you get older. In 2014, my parents sold their business after 35 years and retired. They were surprised when I told them I was making a career switch and venturing into the sandwich making business together with a few partners who are all passionate about sandwiches.

Now, whenever I call home, our family conversations are all about sandwiches and the business.

What makes Park Bench Deli stand out a little more is our chef’s approach to the humble sandwich. We are able to take a classic sandwich and retain its integrity while elevating the flavours. Take for example, our Turkey Classic Sandwich. We manipulate the ingredients using chef techniques. We sous vide the turkey breast in a mix of spices to intensify the flavour of the meat, while retaining its juiciness.

Although we do invent new sandwiches, we ultimately try to show respect to the already classic ones.

My favourite sandwich has to be between the Mortadella Sandwich and the Cubano Sandwich. For the Mortadella, I usually have a long black after, and for the Cubano, I go for an espresso.